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Come join us Tuesdays at the schoolhouse from 10-1 as we research and archive our collection. The project has several components. We will use our new scanner to scan photos and journals and put them into a specified format for on-line research and cataloging. This will involve doing the actual scan, data entry, and physically storing the object.

A second component is to begin transcribing some of our journals and diaries. Due to the age of some of the items, and the unique handwriting, some artifacts are difficult to read. We would like to provide a typed version of each page so that we can make it available for on-line research tools.

The work is fascinating, the company is great, and the completion will be invaluable. Come join us any Tuesday. In case of inclement weather or if you are unsure if we will be there, you can call Sandy Miles at 231-599-2048, or 231-350-9384. We may be working additional days, but always by chance.