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Food, hunters and quilts? What do they have in common? We could spend all day spinning a yarn about those three things and how they go together. But we’ll let you work on that in your free time. For now, it’s a catchy way to remind you that the Norwood Needles Quilt raffle is still going.

Tickets can be purchased from Nancy Cleland –231-547-6220, or Pam Gnodtke –231-547-3066. The quilt is beautiful again this year. A winning ticket will be drawn at the Members Potluck Dinner.

Which is a wonderful segue into our reminder about the Members Potluck Wednesday, November 13 at 7:30 at the Schoolhouse. It is a wonderful time to enjoy the company of neighbors and friends, and say good-bye to those who fly the coop for the winter. Bring a dish to share and your own table service.

And then two days later, Friday, November 15, the Norwood Area Historical Society gets to join with the Methodist Church of Norwood in hosting the annual Hunters Lunch from 11-2 pm. Tell all your hunter friends, or come for lunch yourself. There is always plenty of chili, homemade bread and a mouth-watering supply of sweets to cap off the hearty meal. Tickets are $8.

Be sure to put these dates on your calendar! We look forward to eating, shooting the breeze (not deer) in the warmth of a quilt with you. Bad…so bad. Maybe your take on food, hunters and quilts will be better.