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  • On Monday, May 27, 2013 citizens of the Norwood area gathered for the annual Memorial Day observance at the Norwood Cemetery. The ceremony was led by Dr. Kurt Kooyer, a Grand Rapids native who, along with his grandfather, has conducted these ceremonies in northern Michigan for many years--driving al the way from his busy medical practice in South Dakota. As quiet shrouded the gathered community, two bald eagles executed a smart left turn and flew directly overhead as if in honor of those fallen. The poignant service concluded with a 21-gun salute from the local squad of Veterans of Foreign Wars, ...Read More »

  • Our emphasis this year has been toward making the schoolhouse a more historic site. Our first step was to recreate a classroom setting in the main room of the building. Two old student desks and chairs have been arranged in front of an original slate blackboard and the iconic pictures of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington found in every schoolhouse during that time period. If you look closely you'll find period textbooks in the desks that have been generously donated by local Norwood residents. That small vignette was completed during the winter and in the spring we launched our gallery ...Read More »

  • Did you hear the Norwood Schoolhouse and Methodist Church bells ringing on the Fourth of July at 2:00 p.m.? Why were they ringing? On July 4, 1963, President Kennedy encouraged Americans nationwide to "ring freedom bells" to help celebrate Independence Day. While a popular tradition for many years, it slowly was forgotten and the bell ringing fell by the wayside. However, through a national effort on the part of patriotic citizens, the bell-ringing tradition has been resurrected and communities across the nation were encouraged to "ring a bell; cowbells, sleigh bells, school bells, church bells." Marian Light caught wind of the idea ...Read More »

  • The Norwood Area Historical Society will host a viewing of a 1930s-era Rex Beach movie outdoors on the side of the Schoolhouse sometime in September or early October. Watch our Calendar for details. Rex Beach, born in Atwood in 1877, went from prospecting to writing novels. His first and most famous novel, The Spoilers, was based on a true story of corrupt government officials stealing goldmines from prospectors, which he witnessed while prospecting in Nome, Alaska. He kept writing and after much success in his literary endeavors many of his works were adapted into successful films.Read More »

  • Food, hunters and quilts? What do they have in common? We could spend all day spinning a yarn about those three things and how they go together. But we'll let you work on that in your free time. For now, it's a catchy way to remind you that the Norwood Needles Quilt raffle is still going. Tickets can be purchased from Nancy Cleland --231-547-6220, or Pam Gnodtke --231-547-3066. The quilt is beautiful again this year. A winning ticket will be drawn at the Members Potluck Dinner. Which is a wonderful segue into our reminder about the Members Potluck Wednesday, November 13 at ...Read More »

  • Our first Summinar of the season featured Mr. and Mrs. Simon Otto of Petoskey. Mr. Otto is an Odawa elder and storyteller. He enamored the 55 member audience with softly spoken stories of his childhood in Michigan and how he was taught to live on the land by his father and grandfather. He remembered fondly being with his tribe on the shores of Lake Michigan when he was eight-years-old, hunting, fishing and making arrowheads and other tools from the chert (a kind of flint) found right here on the shores of Norwood. It was a delight to listen to his ...Read More »