News & Events

Our first Summinar of the season featured Mr. and Mrs. Simon Otto of Petoskey. Mr. Otto is an Odawa elder and storyteller. He enamored the 55 member audience with softly spoken stories of his childhood in Michigan and how he was taught to live on the land by his father and grandfather. He remembered fondly being with his tribe on the shores of Lake Michigan when he was eight-years-old, hunting, fishing and making arrowheads and other tools from the chert (a kind of flint) found right here on the shores of Norwood. It was a delight to listen to his stories and lore of days gone by.

More Indian history was in our future as July’s Summinar featured Norwood’s own Dr. Chuck Cleland, retired anthropologist and archeologist. He spent a steamy July evening condensing more than 30 years of knowledge, learning, and discovery into a 45 minute presentation on the history of the Native Americans of the Midwest. Dr. Cleland was part of the team in the 1970’s that discovered the chert mines here in Norwood, he is also a nationally recognized archeologist having received numerous awards for his efforts.

But summer is over yet! Even though with this cool weather it feels like it! This Wednesday, August 21st, our final Summinar presenter is preservationist Sally Weaver. She will be sharing with us how to curate and preserve historic information and artifacts. Join us for this historical event at 7:30 at the Norwood Schoolhouse.