News & Events

The Board would like to welcome Sandy Miles as the secretary of the Norwood Area Historical Society. Sandy’s many talents including her expert knowledge of data storage and distribution will prove to be a great asset to the membership.

Our heartfelt thanks to Toni Zello for her efforts as secretary of the Board and her many past roles on the Norwood Area Historical Society Board. But most of all, for her devotion to this community, her reasonable voice in all things and for being a “counselor” to all. Toni, you are a dear and we miss you. We hope this temporary winter move has been a good one for you and Rich and wish you both nothing but the very best for the future. Come back soon.

Also, our condolences to Ron Moore on the loss of his father. These are sad moments of reflection and grieving. We wish the next year will bring much healing, Ron. We send our loving thoughts your way.

Congratulations to Nancy and Chuck Cleland who welcomed another grandchild in their midst. Zachary Edward Zint was born on December 17.

Our congratulations also to David and Donalee Vermeesch who received the Volunteers of the Year Award at the Members’ potluck. In addition to lowering our median age, they both have added so much to the society and the Board. We all appreciate their great ideas and their hard work on the behalf of the Society. No two people deserve the award more than they. Bravi.